IntellSphere Ltd./Inc.

We are here to create an opportunity for as an individual as a company to get seamless and simple way to establish a business relationship. 

Intellectual Sphere is a technological business platform based on AI-driven Decentralized Neurochain Network "ArLLecta". It is capable of launching a business of any kind, in medicine, education, entertainment, logistics, construction, etc. 

One of the main tasks of Intellectual Sphere is to extremely simplify and secure the activity of global business community. 

"Simplification" allows a business unit to get rid of tons of paper documents that are usually needed for signing a contract.

"Security" allows a business unit to be totally insured that nobody besides parties of the contract will get an access to sensitive information.

Intellectual Sphere allows to create a borderless and profitable business protecting it from political, religious, and other artificial obstacles.          

IntellSphere presentation

IntellSphere presentation

"We give a possibility for anyone worldwide to earn regardless social level".

With respect,

IntellSphere team 

Founder & CEO, Egger L. Mielberg

Fields of interest:

  • neurobiology

  • cryptography

  • mathematics

  • artificial intelligence 

  • blockchain technology

  • neurochain concept (associative blockchain)

"The first to come to the finish is not the one who is faster but the one who chooses the right path"

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