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It gives a possibility to earn for everyone worldwide

BANKllect  is a decentralized worldwide bank network.

Its main task is to create a unique and new generation bank ecosystem where each its participant will have the possibility to choose a needed bank service and earn on it.

​At the heart of BANKllect network is a participant. The participant is an individual or company with or without initial financial capital. Our own technologies «Proof of Participation (PoP) Protocol» and «Smart Transactions» allow the participants to earn money by a degree of its activity in BANKllect network.


QuickRon is a decentralized search system based on
neuro-amorphic semantic architecture.

Its main task is to create and launch of intellectual self-learning and self-developing system that, besides search service, will be capable of presenting a series of innovative and high-tech solutions, which are targeted to minimize a tedious and long-lasting activity of a user on the Internet.

​The name of this project was not selected accidentally. The project is realized and based on the intellectual amorphic network. At the core of the network lies principles of memory formation that are totally based on «Theory of One Synapse»


Docllect  is a decentralized intellectual diagnose system.

Its main task is to create an advanced medical platform 

with a possibility to be diagnosed for many diseases of any kind for anyone worldwide.

​The core of Docllect is an AI-driven diagnose algorithm. A patient can be any man with or without initial disease symptoms. Our own technology «Neurochain: Decentralized Chain of Transactions» allows the patients to get detailed information about its current statement of health and list of recommendations online. 

Besides a patient medical history, Docllect collects and analyses many different scientific and disease-related sources in order to minimize a degree of incorrect diagnoses. We are very proud to announce that the percent of correct diagnoses we have already reached is 93.      


Cargollect  is a decentralized intellectual real-time platform for automotive shipment.

Its main task is to propose an "Artificial Shipment Intellect" that does all the document "supply-chain- a routine" for Shippers, Brokers, Dispatchers, and Carriers.

​In the heart of Cargollect is lied two own innovations, «M-function: Probability Density Function» and «Forecasting method of cost of mileage». Both innovations revolutionize an approach to corporate budgeting for a long period as one year. The deviation of predicted «per-mile-cost» from the real one is not more than 10%

In Cargollect, we strongly guarantee that we will ship our client's cargo at the rate we predicted.        


ArLLecta Capital is an AI-driven real-time hedge platform for stable profit.

Its main task is to supply not less than 90% of prediction accuracy of stock market movement for investors of any kind.   

​The core of the platform is two own innovations, «M-function: Probability Density Function» and «Sense Theory». These innovations allow investors to earn money as predictably as 9/1 proportion of accuracy of stock choice.  

In ArLLecta Capital, we take all possible risks that go below the proportion.         

... and many other services that will make a business activity as transparent and safe as possible. 


Our team started to form in early 2001. At that time, Egger Mielberg,  Ralf Rielmann, and Michael Tarkov were engaged in some neuronet-based scientific project. The task of the project was to design a predictive mathematical system for spaceship cargo loading. 

In 2012, after one-and-half-year-brainstorm Mielberg presented a new AI-driven multilingual search engine. The search engine is capable of searching for a topic- and sense-focused information worldwide. It also guarantees a non-repeatability and uniqueness of a search result.

In 2014, working as an external chief solution architect for one of the most prominent logistic US company, Mielberg invented "a distribution density function: M-function" for his mathematical price-per-mile model.  

In early 2016, inspired by Blockchain technology, Dan Gerasi, Hanna Feiffer, Michael Tarkov, Helen Crouzer and Egger Milberg decided to go deep into the creation of new concept of bank service.             

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